Alternative political parties in Canada

No matter where you live in Canada, it always seems like there’s only three options to choose.

Generally, the three main parties across the country are the Liberals, Conservatives and the NDP along with a version of the Green Party. There doesn’t seem to be much choice for voters but there are a few spots in the country with really interesting sounding political parties.

These are all registered parties with real shots at forming government if they get enough support:

British Columbia Excalibur Party – B.C.
Current leader: Michael Halliday
What are they about: Wants to create a society that’s based on the principles of truth, honour, integrity and justice, according to Wikipedia. The official website appears to be down.

None of the Above Party – Ontario
Current leader: Greg Vezina
What are they about: NOTA motto is “referendum, recall and real electoral and legislative reforms” with emphasis on voters having more say on what politicians and parties do.

Vegan Environmental Party – Ontario
Current leader: Paul Figueiras
What are they about: According to the party’s Facebook group, the Vegan Environmental Party is the party for animal rights. The party’s emphasis is on animals, the environment and social justice

Parti 51 – Quebec
Current leader: Hans Mercier
What are they about: The main goal of the party is to make Quebec the 51st state of the United States of America. Along with all the benefits of being a US state, the party would also ensure Quebec has its own laws and constitution.

Parti nul (The No Party) – Quebec
Current leader: Renaud Blais
What are they about: The party is intended to be an option for voters who are dissatisfied with other political parties, the electoral process or just the whole process in general.

KISS (Keep it Simple Solutions) N.B. Political Party – New Brunswick
Current leader: Not entirely sure but I believe it is Gerald Bourque
What are they about: The name says it all. the KISS party wants to make government more efficient and simple with the first priority being creating a provincial constitution.

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